7 Yoga Poses That Can Help to Beat Erectile Dysfunction

7. Half moon pose (ardha chandrasana)

With this pose, you can improve stamina and endurance as well as tone your entire body. As you already know, stamina and endurance are crucial for your sexual health and performance which is why enhancement pills like Endovex provide ED relief as well as a boost in endurance, strength, and other factors vital to your sex life. So, here’s the process:

• Stand straight on your mat and bring right foot back so that you are at a low lunge with left leg

• Your hands should be framing your left foot

• Bring right hand to your right hip

• Lift up right foot

• Straighten your left leg out behind you

• Rotate your right hip back stacking it on top of the left hip

• Extend right hand toward the sky

• Maintain this position for 5 deep breaths

• Return to the starting position


Yoga isn’t just for women; it benefits male sexual health as well. Yoga improves your endurance, increases blood flow, and strengthens muscles thus allowing you to improve your sexual performance in a natural manner.

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