7 Yoga Poses That Can Help to Beat Erectile Dysfunction

4. Seated forward bend (paschimottanasana)

Seated forward bend is yet another pose that combats ED and helps you last longer in bed. It does so by improving your endurance and strength while targeting perineal muscles, the group of muscles found between scrotum and anus. Here are the instructions:

• Sit straight with legs extended and toes flexed towards you

• Inhale as you’re raising arms over your head

• Exhale and bend forward moving the chin towards your toes

• Stretch out your arms and try to let them reach the furthest they can (preferably all the way to your toes) without making it feel uncomfortable or too painful

• Inhale, lift your head and elongate the spine

• Exhale while trying to bring the navel to your knees

• Remain in that position for a few seconds and release

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