7 Yoga Poses That Can Help to Beat Erectile Dysfunction

2. Plank (kumbhakasana)

Plank is one of the most beneficial poses or exercises, you can do and it happens to combat ED. Improved endurance during the sexual performance and upper body strength are additional benefits of this useful pose. To maximize your effort, combine plank with one of the top male enhancement pills for super strong and hard erections. Here’s how to get into this posture:

• Begin with the kneeling position with hands resting on your thighs

• Bend forward with hands on the floor right in front of you

• Raise the buttocks with knees still on the ground

• Slide both feet backwards and raise your knees making sure that your head, trunk, back, and legs are forming a straight line

• Don’t bend your knees and elbows

• Maintain the pose for a few seconds and release

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