11 Proven Secrets to Get Lean Fast – Forget About Fat

If your goal is to get lean fast, you need to have a good strategy. Focus on many different tactics to maximise your results. Combine a good diet plan with exercise and follow these 11 secrets to get lean fast:

1. Don’t listen to weight loss myths

There is a lot of false information out there. Don’t listen to everything you read and try to educate yourself. Some miracle diets out there aren’t working, and some are dangerous.

If you want to get lean fast, you should avoid false information and always check facts with reliable sources

2. Consume Enough Salt

A popular misconception is that salt is unhealthy and we should reduce the salt intake. However, the truth is that having too much salt is unhealthy but heaving too little is also very unhealthy.

Which one is worse? According to research, having too little salt is worse and can be dangerous.

Salt is extremely important in our body and without it, we die. It is needed for muscle and nerve function and it regulates our fluid balance.

You normally consume salt with your food, so being on a diet may lead to not having enough because you eat less food. When your body doesn’t have enough salt, it will try to tell you to eat more, by making you hungry.

Apart from that, your insulin level will be higher, to keep the remaining salt in your body, making it harder to get lean.

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