Best Nude Beaches in the World With Naked Pics & Photos

Gunnison Beach

Sandy Hook, New Jersey

The National Parks system is one of our great American treasures, and perhaps nowhere can we appreciate it more than here at the largest clothing-optional beach on the East Coast. This former Army testing site is now managed by the NPS, and therefore exempt from New Jersey’s state laws outlawing nudity on beaches. In addition to human scenery, it’s close enough to NYC to offer stunning views of Brooklyn and the Verrazano Bridge.

Perk: Since it’s on federal land, alcohol is totally permitted on the beach. So drink up?

Pit: With its proximity to NYC and location in an area where going to the beach is a seasonal activity, it can get mad crowded. Over 5,000 people a weekend visit during the summer, which is a lot of flesh with or without clothes.

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