5 Ways to Get out of a Rut and Get Your Groove Back

Most of us have “day jobs,” putting in hours and hours doing things that don’t matter so that one day we will hopefully do something that does. But for many, that day never comes, and we end up pushing mail carts for the rest of our lives.

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Somewhere along our journey, we lost our cape — that fearless feeling we had when we were climbing trees barefoot, spinning on our heads, and seeking adventures as if they were Groupons. The truth is, we haven’t lost our cape. We buried it, deep inside a hope chest with a lock made of routine, logic, and fear.

It’s time to break that lock with a giant sledgehammer and feel invincible again. You can’t give yourself a choice. If you do, what’s left? A world not worth saving.

Here are five ways to get that cape on again:

1. Unlock your logic and start listening to your quiet voice.

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Usually it’s a faint whisper, not a God-like thundering voice, which leads you to strength and purpose. Of course, this takes time. We don’t trust this voice. We haven’t in a very long time. And that’s one of the reasons why we punch clocks instead of the sky. We lost trust in ourselves, and the result of that is life stutter. If you don’t start listening to your quiet voice, you’ll always be a Clark Kent who can’t find a pay phone.

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