Top 10 Quick and Easy Lightroom Tricks Every User Should Know

6. Drag and Drop to Organize Presets

I love Lightroom presets. These are the one-click settings we use to stylize and adjust our images. If your Lightroom catalog is anything like mine, you’ve accumulated too many presets over time and need to tidy them up.

On the Lightroom presets panel, you can drag and drop to reorder and organize your presets into folders.

New folder

Right click in the presets panel and choose New Folder to create a new organization level for your presets.

Need a new folder? Just right click in the presets panel and choose New Folder. Give your folder a name, and you have an entirely new grouping to organize your presets.

I like to organize presets into basic categories like film style, black and white, and more. I also keep a favorites folder for my go-to looks. It’s great to have a large selection of Lightroom presets, but don’t forget to tidy them up periodically.

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