Top 10 Quick and Easy Lightroom Tricks Every User Should Know

5. Watch Out for Clipping!

Clipping refers to the loss of highlight or shadow detail. Basically, when you push an image too far in post-production, highlights will be blown out or shadows will lose any meaningful detail.

This can certainly happen during the capture of an image when we overexpose or underexpose, but it can also be introduced in post-production.

You can avoid that by pressing the letter J on your keyboard in the Develop module. Or click the little triangles in the upper corners of the Histogram to toggle the feature on.

Peaking in lightroom

Tap the J button in Lightroom to toggle on peaking previews.
The red areas indicate where the highlights will be blown out, while blue indicates loss of detail in shadows. Pull the sliders back into range if you want to avoid peaking.

Bonus Tip: The Fastest Way to Edit

All of the tips that I’m sharing in this tutorial are meant to reduce the time you spend in the digital darkroom. Let’s take that one step further by learning about Adobe Lightroom presets, one-click effects to adjust your images.

Download any of the presets below as part of a subscription to Envato Elements. Instead of buying one preset pack after another, get access to all of them with an Elements subscription. Even if you cancel your Elements subscription, the presets are yours to keep!


Blacktone offers advanced black and white conversion presets to enhance your portrait workflow and speed up your post-processing. These presets are perfect for outdoor or studio portraits, and fashion and fine-art photography.


Folklore by Presetrain

Folklore is another general-purpose pack that includes several different unique looks to apply to an image. Ranging from fade effects to cross-processing, this pack can get you out of your comfort zone with editing.

Folklore Presetrain

Light Leaks Vol. 2
Just about everyone loves a light leak effect, and you can have 25 of them with this download. Each preset is non-destructive and works on photographs with lighting of any kind.

Light Leaks Vol 2

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