The 7 Best Foods to Eat For Getting That Six-Pack

Six-Pack abs have earned an almost mythical place in culture. There are literally hundreds of thousands of books, guides, videos, and more claiming to be the penultimate guide for achieving a stomach full of rippling muscle. The truth is, it isn’t all that complicated. You need to work out your abdominal muscles, so they have some prominence, and more importantly, you need to stick to a diet that doesn’t promote excess belly fat. At Evolve Daily we already have guides for building those muscles, but it’s time we gave you some tips for what foods you should focus on when trying reveal those stomach muscles.

1) Eat almonds and other nuts

Nuts are an excellent source of fiber, protein, and healthy fats, including Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, and have been proven to be a useful addition to a weight loss diet. For a long time, people avoided nuts because of the fat content, but it is precisely that fat content that helps you lose weight, really. Numerous studies have shown that because nuts do such an excellent job at satiating your hunger, you are less prone to overeating. Those who add nuts to their menu have been proven to be less likely to go off of their diet.

There was also a study dealing specifically with almonds that showed that eating around 30 almonds a day led to a reduction in abdominal covering fat.

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