9 Dangerous Food Combinations You Must Avoid

You may find yourself compulsively eating common food such as bread-jam or a glass of orange juice with oats, but they are not as good as they taste like. If you are eating in a health-conscious manner, most of the combinations we make every day can pretty much be the problem behind our weak health.

Don’t judge a meal by how amazing it tastes; sometimes they can affect your health in worse ways than you can imagine. Here are a few surprising food items, you should never bring close again.

Banana and milk

Forget your everyday banana shake because it’s not as good for your health as you thought. According to the celebrity nutritionist, Dr Daryl Gioffre, “This is a very bad combination that produces toxins in the body. Banana becomes sour by the time it gets to the stomach in time for digestion. It can curdle milk and turn it into a heavy mucus-forming substance. The combination is also bad for weight loss because banana is 25 percent sugar.” He adds, “Milk also has sugar. As a result, you get an insulin spike, which is one of the worst things for the body.”

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