8 Apps to Make Money Of 2019& Get Paid Up To $1000/ Monthly

Did you know there are legit ways you can make money from your Android phone? There are several apps available that exist solely for the purpose of helping you make money in your spare time.

Some of these apps can help you make money with your phone in as little as a few minutes, meaning you can earn some extra cash when you’re waiting to be seen at an appointment or on a morning break at work.

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Check out our favorite sites for making money with your Android phone and see which ones best fit into your schedule and lifestyle.

Apps and Sites for Making Money with Android
There are several sites that help you make money with your Android phone. Here we’ll share six of the most popular.

1. Make Money – 24 Legit Passive Income Ideas by Well Kept Wallet

If you didn’t know it, Well Kept Wallet is also the creator of a new Android app!

You definitely need to download this app if you are looking for ways to make money. Or if you’re looking for inspiration for passive income streams!

One great feature is you can further narrow down your options with the app using the “Favorite” heart on each type of passive income. If you go to the menu and select your favorites you will only see the types you want to see and review further.

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